Electronics Engineering Career

Electronics Engineering Career is among one of fastest moving field in the engineering world. Everyday, we encounter electronic devices that are used to enhance the quality of our life. Television remote control, microwave oven, home video system, electronically controlled blinds, air conditioning system, car power window, car remote control and computers are all developed as a result of the development in electronics industry.

The latest trend in electronics design is the advancement made in the wireless world where mobile technology has evolved to make devices smaller and cheaper.

If you are interested to make gadgets and devices, this could be a good career for you to start with. A good grasp of physics and and mathematics at high school and lots of practical experiences in building electronics project will help one to do well in electronics engineering. Most electronics engineers have basic engineering degree though many continue their education to PhD level.

There are various fields that an electronic engineer can be involved in. In the field of product development of electronics devices, the following knowledge will prove useful.

  • Knowledge of various assembly languages that are used in product design and development. Freescale Semiconductor, Microchip, Renesas, STMicroelectronics are among the companies that produce microcomputers in mass scale. Once you have experience in any one of the microprocessor or microcontroller devices, you will be able to use any of the devices from another manufacturer easily.
  • C language is now commonly used in the programming of microcontrollers. Although the compiler is not as efficient as using assembly language in that it uses more memory space, this language is becoming more popular due to its ease of use and the availability of higher memory capacity microcontrollers.
  • Knowledge of printed circuit board design is a must if one is involved in electronics design.
  • If computer interfacing application software is involved, the knowledge of Visual Studio software like Visual Basic and Visual C will prove to be valuable.
  • A basic motor theory is an added advantage as most devices now use motor in their control. Inverter driver is becoming more popular due to its better performance and efficiency.
  • Knowledge and experience in electromagnetic compatibility design are necessary to ensure that the printed circuit board and software design coding are designed according to the requirements of EMC directives and LVD Directives.
  • Reliability testing of devices are necessary to ensure products survive and perform according to the specifications.

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