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Do you want to be an elementary teacher? All of us would have gone through our stages of education from preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle and secondary school. Many of us still remembered our experiences with our teachers. As we looked back, we realized that many of them were committed to their profession in imparting their knowledge and skills to us so that we can become who we are today.

Being a teacher is no longer an attractive ambition these days as many prefer to go for higher pay jobs. However, seeing the students that you trained becoming leaders and assets to the nation is job satisfaction by itself. Indeed, it is a noble and honorable job that one provides to the society and the nation at large.

Career elementary teacher uses many methods to simulate learning in the education of the children. The children are taught basic subjects such as mathematics, languages and science.

As the children has shorter attention span compared to the adults, teachers use artwork, films, games, music, books, computers and other educational tools to teach them these basic skills. Creativity in teaching is one of the key skill that the teacher must strive to have in order to make the learning process fun and interesting to the students.

Some of the job tasks of the typical career elementary teacher are.. 

  • Discipline Instilling discipline in the classroom is one of the basic skill that a teacher must have. Firmness and sterness in dealing with the behavior of the students will ensure that there is order in the class and hence a conducive environment of learning is there. Teachers have to bring forth the message to the students that when it is time to study, they have to be serious in their study.
  • Lessons Preparation of the lessons to teach based on the syllabus of the school have to be done before the teaching. After lessons are taught, the students are tested for their understanding of the subjects.Teacher also set term or semester examination questions to test the understanding of the students and in grading them. Evaluation on the progress of the students with their parents are usually done once or twice a year.
  • Extracurricular Extracurricular activities such as boy scouts, girl guides and sports need the guidance of the teachers. These activities are usually conducted after the normal school hour and teachers are usually rostered to coach the students in these activities.
  • Field Trips Field trips are organised to expose the school children to real life issues. An example of field trip is to go to butterfly park to study butterflies and their habitat. These trips usually create memorable experiences in the learning of the students.
  • Meetings Attending departmental meetings are part of the job of a teacher. Various policies and guidelines of the education department are being discussed here. Other meetings include parents-teachers association, school building project etc.

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