Event Planning Career

Event planning career is a specialized field where one plans and coordinates every single detail of an event as a profession. It is a growing industry in recent years as almost every meeting be it a party, weddings, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, talks and other events required an event planner.

One may have to do the design and sending out of invitation cards, choosing a suitable venue and seating arrangement, design of the venue and its decoration, charting out schedule in preparation of the event, managing a team of supporting staff, overseeing the execution of the event on the day, getting feedback and review the effectiveness of the event.

The most important objective is to ensure that the event goes as planned and to the satisfaction of the client. As some of the functions may be conducted at a time when it is a national holidays or weekends, one must be prepared to work during these times. As the details of the preparation could be massive, the event planner has to be prepared to work beyond the normal working hour.

Event Planning Career Market Segment

The event planning for corporate clients generally have higher return revenue. These events are bigger and larger compared to private social event. Events such as company outings, trade show and exhibitions, seminars, conferences, new product launches and annual dinner are in great demands. These events must be conducted professionally as most of the participants are corporate leaders and politicians. If the quality of the event meets the expectation of the clients, most probably a repeat business can be expected when the company has another event in the near future.

Social or private functions such as weddings, birthday parties, graduations, reunions, memorials are generally smaller in scale. These events can be organised by a smaller team of people and hence the possibility of doing these jobs from home is possible and practical. Customers can be introduced by word of mouth and if the service level is good and acceptable, one can expect the business to flourish as there are many private functions that are held regularly.

Skills Required in Event Planning Career

In event organising, one needs to have good planning skills to succeed in this business. Although event planning career can be developed as one does the job, it is better to get professional certifications which are awarded based on the performance, experience, and examinations. With these certifications, one will be able to get a job easier as many big corporations required one to be competent in the job offered.

Some of the certifications are Certified Meeting Professional Program(CMP)and and Certification in Meeting Management(CMM). 

Successful event planners generally has a Bachelor's degrees in Marketing or Business Administration. Some may have degrees in hospitality or tourism. These degrees will help one to be on a better start compared to one who does not have any basic degree.

Some of the basic skills that one will have to develop in the course of doing the job are:

  • Thoroughness and attention to details.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good Marketing, Sales and Negotiation skills.
  • Project Management skills and able to work on tight schedule
  • Self motivated, creative, team leader and supervising skills.
  • Problem solving skills and ability to cope with working under pressure.
  • People oriented person.
  • Basic Financial Knowledge

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