Fastest Growing Jobs

Fastest Growing Jobs 

If you are thinking of a career to pursue that is growing, the study done by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that network and data communication analysts top the list with a job employment of 402,000 in year 2016. In general, a job that is growing and in demand means that the income that you can earn will also increase according to the market demand.

Personal and home care aides come in second with a growth of 50.6% in year 2016. Hence, service industry in the area of health care and support will be in great demand.

The top 20 fastest growing occupations are as listed below. Use it for your planning and in choosing a career that fits your interest as well as financial satisfaction. 

No Job % of Growth
1 Network systems and data
communications analysts
2 Personal and home care aides 50.6%
3 Home health aides 48.7%
4 Computer software engineers 44.6%
5 Veterinary technologists and technicians 41.0%
6 Personal financial advisors 41.0%
7 Makeup artists, theatrical and performance 39.8%
8 Medical assistants 35.4%
9 Veterinarians 35.0%
10 Substance abuse and behavioral
disorder counselors
11 Skin care specialists 34.3%
12 Financial analysts 33.8%
13 Social and human service assistants 33.6%
14 Gaming surveillance officers, investigators 33.6%
15 Physical therapist assistants 32.4%
16 Pharmacy technicians 32.0%
17 Forensic science technicians 30.7%
18 Dental hygienists 30.1%
19 Mental health counselors 30.0%
20 Mental health and substance
abuse social workers

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