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If you love nature and have flair for natural sciences, love the great outdoors, and dislike the 9 to 5 office work, then getting yourself a forestry job could be one of the career options you can consider.

Forestry is basically a science stream that involves the study, research, development and management of forest, tree plantations and other natural resources our green earth has to offer. It refers to all aspects of research, practice and policy in promoting the sustainable development of forests, woodlands and trees.

There are many types of forester and understanding each of them properly can help you in determining what exactly you would like to be in. These types are the Industrial Forester, Consulting Forester and the Government Forester.

An industrial forester works for private industries and company lands in managing their timber property, conduct timber negotiations, draw contract procurements, road layouts and make sure these projects meet the local environment specifications.

A consulting forester acts as an agent for the forest owner in negotiating timber sales, supervising the planting and growing of tree and prevent the contamination of healthy trees whereas a Government forester works for the state and federal. Most government foresters specialize in urban forestry, resource analysis, GIS and forest recreation.

Qualfications and Positions

The entry requirement for a forestry job is a Bachelor of Science degree in forestry. The four to five years degree introduces the student to the management and development of forests for economic, recreational and ecological purposes. With the degree, a student will study forest related sciences, mapping, statistics, natural resources management, wildlife sciences as well as harvesting and production technology.

A forester job is mostly outdoors for the first part of the career and is more than just logging. Entry level tasks include conducting land surveys, working in an urban park, evaluating water quality and insect outbreaks as well as planting seedlings and planning recreational use of forest lands. After several years on the job, a forester will advance to more indoor tasks such as preparing reports, managing budgets and public relations.

Foresters get employed to become top executives or become consultants as they gain more experience and knowledge. The job of a forester can be physically demanding because most have to work outdoors and endure different kinds of weather conditions, work in isolated areas and different landscapes such as thick vegetation, wetlands, mountains and such. Forester’s today also use a variety of computer applications and technology in conducting their day-to-day responsibilities.

Some positions in the forestry field include Trainee Wildlife Ranger, Community forester, conservation ranger and forest hydro geochemist. Other fields of profession that are employed in forestry are economists, marketing specialists, business analysts and environmental law enforcer.

Requirements in a forestry job include a good and in-depth understanding for biology, physics and chemistry, geography, love nature and camping as well as are passionate in preserving nature and avid outdoor activity-seeker. Starting pay for foresters at entry level are about $35 000 and will increase to about $70 000 annually depending on your experience and designation.

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