Free Resume Writing Tips

Free Resume Writing Tips

For the majority of the population who work for companies and firms, the writing of resume in order to get a first job interview is a normal process. Most of the time, job recruitment agencies and companies will request you to submit a resume before they decide whether to call you up for an interview.

Since the only way the prospective employer shortlists you is to look at your resume, it is important that the resume is written in such a way that it reflects what the employee is looking for. In other words, you are selling yourself through the process of writing the resume.

Most employees take the writing of resume lightly and if you spend a little bit more time and review your write up thoroughly, it will give you the edge and better chance of being called up for an interview. There are a few format of resume that one can choose from.

This free resume writing examples are provided below.

Chronological Type

A chronological type of resume is used when you easily meet all the requirements of the job that was advertised. You meet the educational qualifications and the necessary skills required by the company. As the name suggest, this type of resume helps the employer to look into the overall career progression of the candidate based on time.

The content usually starts with the most recent work experience, the description of the job, position, name of the employer and location of the employer. Next is the education detail starting from the highest education level attained. An example this type of resume is as shown below. 

Functional Type

The functional type of resume is written based on the functions and abilities of the candidate. This type of resume is suitable for those who are changing from one career to another. Each functional job experience is given with a brief description of the functions performed and achieved. It is important to customize your resume to the particular employer and show how your experience gained can benefit the employer. The education level that one has attained should also be provided with the highest attained education listed first. 

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