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When someone says ‘I’m a pilot’ you would automatically picture him as an airplane pilot, rarely do we ever think about him being a helicopter pilot. As a helicopter pilot, you have chosen the most under-rated and rewarding forms of piloting jobs in the aviation industry.

This job offers much more freedom compared to an airplane pilot because helicopters provide the freedom of flying a rotary wing unlike airplanes, which are static. Currently, there is a shortage of helicopter pilot jobs and it is due to the fact that the helicopter industry is not growing at an encouraging rate.

Helicopter pilots were very much needed during the Vietnam War but with age catching up on Vietnam era pilots, many are looking at retirement which leaves a huge void for aspiring helicopter pilots to fill in the positions. 

Before deciding to take on a helicopter pilot job, you must have some basic knowledge on it. You must decide how important this job is to you and whether travelling will be an issue. Piloting usually means that you need to travel and stay away from home a lot. Your piloting assignments might require you to be on call at a remote location or may require you to pack up and move to a different location within a short notice.

Also, most helicopter pilot jobs are not a stable form of employment. For you to reach a stable position, a certain amount of flying hours is needed just to acquire a commercial license and to land you a lucrative piloting job.

An experienced and licensed helicopter pilot can look at an income of up to $40 000 and above whereas the salary of a military helicopter pilot depends on their rank, flight time and missions that they take.

These jobs are rare compared to the shortage in pilots; most of these pilots will work for less money so long as they get to continue piloting. It is the economics of who can do the job with the lowest pay when operators recruit helicopter pilots. It also depends on the pay scale.

Learning to be a pilot in the military is probably the best way to become a helicopter pilot. Military pilots are trained in stressful conditions to ensure you make the cut as a qualified pilot. You fly and go to school for flight at the same time. The best part is you do not have to pay for lessons as you are paid to learn as a full time, hands-on student at the best flight schools money cannot buy.

Becoming a pilot is also very risky business as their career depends heavily on their health. If you have a severe health problem, you risk losing your career in aviation and it will be very hard for you to consider a career switch. Make sure you do not have a history of hereditary sickness like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, or a number of other ailments before starting your career as a helicopter pilot.

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