Hotel Management Jobs

Rewarding Hotel Management Jobs

Hotel management refers to the daily management of activities, functions and tasks of a hotel. Hotel management staff depends on the size of the hotel- the bigger the hotel, the more staff and the more departments.

If you hold a hotel management job, say, the managing director of the hotel, some of your responsibilities include controlling budget and financial planning of your hotel. You will also need to establish marketing and advertising campaigns for your hotel, meeting with customers, contractors and suppliers. Other than that you will also need to address maintenance, hotel services and accommodations as well as making sure your hotel complies to safety, health and licensing standards. You would also oversee the hiring and training of staff to your hotel.

There are several common departments found in all hotels and these departments are Front Office, Reservation, Concierge, PBX (phone service system), Housekeeping, Uniformed Services, Food & Beverage Department, Culinary Operations, Sales & Marketing Division, Engineering and Maintenance Division, Security Division and Human Resources Division.

Apart from being the hotel managing director, positions can be filled in the departments mentioned. Some of these positions are Food & Beverage Manager, Restaurant manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Conference & Banqueting Manager, Conference & Banqueting Sales Manager, Front Office Manager, Reservations Manager, Executive Sous Chef, Chef De Cuisine, Bartender and Housekeeping Executive.

The hotel management job is very rewarding and exciting. Many hotels have very good salary rates for their staff as well as added benefits such as accommodation, bonuses, clinical fees and panel clinics, hotel discount rates and so on. Salary rates also depend on your qualification and experience. A degree in hotel management will train and educate you to run hotel operations smoothly even during peak hours like holidays, summer vacations and festivals.

A hotel management degree teaches organizational skills, tourism planning, business skills as well as financial analysis skills and environmental management. With a degree, you can find employment in local and international hotels- provided you educate yourself with the ethics, norms and culture of the country. Clubs, cruise ships, 5-star restaurants as well as the rich and famous employ graduates and those with hotel management training background.

To work in a hotel management job, you need to have a pleasant personality and be good in communication as you will be meeting different people with different personalities and from different countries. Getting yourself equipped with several ways of greetings can impress not only hotel guests but your boss as well. Being a people person is essential as well because you can make your hotel guests comfortable and at ease. You will also need to be a team player as you will be working with teams from different departments in the hotel.

Good organizational skills are equally important as you need to be on your toes at all times to meet guest requests. Being well groomed is also part of the job.

Top international hotels such as Hilton, Shangri-La and Hyatt Regency provide training to entry level hotel management graduates and this is a good opportunity as you can be accustomed to the hotel’s house style, the departments as well as strengthen your skills in the hotel line.

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