Human Resource Manager

Are you thinking of human resource manager job? You have the ultimate business plan; you have a magnificent marketing plan. You may even have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind you. However, if you do not have the right people in the right positions, with a full understanding of what their roles are, and someone making sure these jobs get done, then your company will never get off the ground.

This is a fact for any business whether it’s small or large, local, national or international. The basic elements of recruiting, training, maintaining staff as well as the functions of administration within the company need to be carried out efficiently and consistently.

As in any department within the company, there needs to be a strong leader. In the case of the Human Resources Manager, this person needs to be organised, highly detailed, able to meet company expectations and goals and able to communicate effectively. These need to be coupled with an ability to efficiently, creatively, resolve personnel issues and daily operations of the company.

Nature of Job

A Human Resources Manager wears many hats as he or she needs to coordinate with many different areas and departments within a company. Just like in the human body, the heart provides the blood and oxygen to other areas of the body, the human resource manager replenishes staff, ensures high quality training and orientation and then provides support and assistance on an ongoing basis. At the same time this may involve co-ordination with Finance, Upper Management, IT and Technical Support.

One of the most important roles a Human Resource Manager will fill is that of the buffer between Management and the general population of employees. From this person or their department- there is a need for organised and clearly communicated objectives of the company. And through this department, the collective feedback and requests of staff to Management and vice versa are communicated.

At this point, a Human Resources Manager may also be in the best position to assess and advise on the best ways forward to ensure the successful growth of the company.

Often the HR Managers will also ensure that support is provided to employees who come from other parts of the world. They help to ensure that the staff are provided with accommodation and settled down as soon as possible.

This is a demanding situation but one which is greatly satisfying especially when employees are able to adjust immediately to the new environment. They will feel indebted to the company that provides this kind of assistance, hence enabling the company to stand up among the elite few companies that are well known for this kind of service.

The Human Resource Manager is also a keen participant in maintaining good relationships with all employees. This means providing follow ups, resolving situations and performing or conducting appraisals on existing staff. This kind of ongoing maintenance is a key in the success of low employee turnover as well as assisting the company to reach new levels of excellence.

On a more basic level, everything that a company relies on for the efficient running of business such as successful employee recruitment, training, orientation, payroll, contract management, health care provisions, company policies and procedures must get through the Human Resources Manager.

This person has to have a well informed and deep understanding of company goals and expectations in order to perform to the best of their ability. This in turn translates into how well they are able to fulfil their duties in essentially communicating and moulding the workforce to meet these expectations.

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