Interview Phone Tip

Interview Phone Tip

As the job market become increasingly competitive, the selection of candidates though the phone will become more common in the near future. Many companies are using telephone interviewing during the hiring process in screening the candidates who will be then invited to attend the interview in person.

This is one of the way that companies are cutting cost as it will enable them to eliminate unsuitable candidates who could be in any part of the world. It is important that you prepare yourself for a phone interview while you are actively looking for a job. You will never know when the prospective employer will call you. Some of the interview phone tip is as pointed below.

Before the Interview

  • Prepare yourself for the interview by finding more about the company through the internet and the company annual report. Keep all the companies profiles that you have applied for in an indexed file. It will be embarassing if the potential employer called and you do not even remembered that you have applied for the job. Get interview phone tip from books or the internet.
  • Prepare your resume and print it out in hardcopy. It will come in handy as a source of reference when you answer the interviewer. You may not remember certain facts especially the year of graduation etc and hence it is crucial that you have all these facts readied. Write down a list of your strength as to why you are suitable for the job being offered.
  • Ensure that the environment where you will be talking is free from noise. Off the television or radio player when attending to the call. Tell your family members to lower their voice volume and not to disturb you for the duration of the interview.
  • Prepare a notebook for you to record the outcome of the interview, who the interviewer is, the company name, the contact person and contact number.

During the Interview

  • During the interview, do not panic. Relax and answer the question slowly and clearly. Do not smoke or eat during the interview process.
  • Talk with enthusiasm and confidence. It is better to stand up for the entire duration of the interview as experts found that you will sound more interesting compared to if you were to sit down.
  • Call the person by name with the title and do not interrupt the interviewer when he/she is talking. Answer straight to the point using short sentences.
  • As with most interview process, prepare answers to questions such as "What can you contribute to the growth of our company?", "Tell me about yourself", "Why do you want to leave your present job?"

After the Interview

  • When the opportunity arises, ask for a face to face interview with the company. This will show the interviewer that you are serious in wanting the job.
  • Offer to call up the contact person of the company to find out the outcome of the interview. Thank the interviewer for giving you the opportunity to be considered for the job.

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