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Need job interview tip? Going for a job interview can be a stressful experience especially if you are keen to get the job that is on offer by the firm. In almost every task that you do, the key to perform well is preparation.

As the job market continues to shrink due to the large number of students that are graduating with college degrees each year, only the best candidates will get the jobs. When you get to be called for an interview, it means that the academic qualifications that you obtained is good enough to be considered for the job. What is left is the interview process and when you are prepared for the interview, the fear of not performing during the interview will be reduced significantly.

Read on and see some of the job interview tip that you should take note of before, during and after the interview.

Job Interview Tip Before the Interview

  • Gather all the information on the company from the website, magazines, friends and the company annual report. Read through and understand her principal business activities, the various branches and locations of her subsidiary. It is advisable to find out who the chairman and chief executive officer of the company is.
  • Prepare yourself by anticipating the questions that will be asked by the interviewer. Questions such as "Tell us about yourself?", "Why do you want to work for this company?", "How can you contribute to the success of this company?", "What do you know about this company?" should be thought over. Get job interview tip from books and the internet.
  • A brilliant person not only has brains but must know how to carry himself. Dress smartly with hair neatly groomed. Jewellery should be kept to a minimum and avoid thick make up. This interpersonal grooming habit takes time and effort to do but once one gets used to it, it will become a way of living and will greatly enhanced your chances of getting the job.
  • Sleep early so that you will be fresh the next morning. Calculate the time it takes to reach the company taking into consideration the traffic conditions of the day. It is always better to be early than late as being late will create panicky situation that will affect your emotion and confidence during the interview.

During the Interview

  • When at the company premises, be courteous to all the employees of the company. Your standing and sitting posture during the interview must be proper. Stand with both feet firmly on the ground with chest firmly out and looking straight ahead. Sitting posture should be straight and with hands resting on the sides of the body. Legs should not be crossed and both hands should not be placed on the table.
  • When answering the questions posed, be confidence and positive on your abilities. Maintain eye contact on all occasions. Having eye contact shows that you are interested in the conversation and respect the presence of the interviewer. Do not stare or glare at the interviewer. Express your thoughts and views clearly to enable the interviewer gets an idea of your strengths and capabilities.
  • Whenever appropriate, smile. Smiling is a positive attributes that you acknowledge the person. It helps to make one at ease and serves as a good ice breaker.
  • Always be honest in answering the interviewer on the questions posed. If you are not sure, just answered frankly. Usually one will be given the opportunity to ask questions. Enquire about the suitability of the job for you based on their requirements of the job.

After the Interview

  • Thank the interviewer and ask when you will be given an answer whether you have successfully got the job. Offer to call up the company and get the contact person that you should contact.
  • Send a thank you note to the interviewer after the interview. If no reply is received after two to three weeks, call up the company to find out the result of the interview.
  • Do not be disappointed if you did not get the job. Treat it as another valuable experience for your next job interview.


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