Jobs For Women

Jobs for women 

In ancient times, men used to work and women managed household chores. However, with the changes in time, people started accepting women into the world of men and soon they were equal to that of the common working men. Since then, women have been making their presence felt in all areas of work and have proven themselves to be successful.

The work place is now no longer limited to men only, women too have been proving their abilities and are represented in the workforce in greater numbers than before.

They are holding a higher percentage of managerial and executive jobs than in the past. Women-owned businesses have doubled in the last dozen years or so. However, there are some not so good of a news in this respect.

The Government Accounting Office, for example, recently reported that in 1995 to 2000, full-time female managers earned less than full-time male managers in 10 industries. Female managers in the communications industry made 86 cents for every dollar earned by male managers in 1995, but by 2000, the figure had dropped to 73 cents compared to the male-earned dollar.

Similar drops were reported in the entertainment and recreation services; finances, insurance, and real estate; business and repair services; retail trade; and other professional services.

Lack of pay equity continue to be an obstacle to women's career success. However, women have special strengths and the ability to adapt talents typically thought to be in the men's domain. If our 10 industries seem to suggest male-bashing or a war between the sexes, that's not the intent. It's just about leveling the playing field in the working world that has been inequitable for women for far too long.

It is essential that every women plan their career as this helps them to be independent and in gaining confident. If they face any problem in the future, they will be able to make their stand in the society as they are capable of earning and sustaining themselves.

There are many industries that have encouraged women to work and make a living where they do not need to depend on others. Over time, many women have understood the importance of their vocation and they are now found in all field of work.

Jobs for women are provided by many industries. Hence they do not need to struggle as hard as before. They are now able to make their living and live a reputable life in the society. Even automobile companies have started hiring women as they have better managerial skills that help in proper management of staff.

Women have also proven themselves in the technical field hence many companies are comfortable recruiting jobs for women in this area of work.

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