Jobs in Healthcare Industry

Jobs in Healthcare Industry

As society becomes more conscious of their well being, the jobs in healthcare are becoming more specialized and well defined. Healthcare is the services offered by nurses, medical physicians, radiologists, dentists and other health professionals in the prevention, treatment and total preservation of the physical and mental well being of a person or persons.

It is growing at a rapid pace and in most developed countries, it formed one of the biggest part of a nation's economy. In many countries, the cost of seeking treatment from health related services is so high that one has to take insurance to cover the cost of medical expenses.

Some of the areas of specialization include nursing, radiology, dentistry, theraphy and social services. 

Medical Transcriptionist 
Medical transcriptionists listen to the recorded messages made by physicians and transribed them into medical reports. Amongst others, these reports are used as records for the patients as well as for processing of insurance claims. 

Neonatal Nursing 
Neonatal nursing is a branch of nursing specialty that deals with the care of newly born infants during the first few weeks after their birth. 

The radiographers do investigation with the aid of highly sophisticated medical imaging equipments to find out why people are ill. They are also involved in the diagnostic and treatment of cancer. 

The sonograher operates the electronic ultrasound imaging equipment to create images that can be stored and process to enable the physicians to make good decision on the conditions of the patient. 

Veterinarians are doctors who cared for the health and well being of our pets, livestocks and other farm animals. They diagnose, treat, vaccinate and look into the total well being of the animals. 

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