Managing Your Boss

What are the skills needed in managing your boss? If you find that you are not moving on in the organisation that you are working with, there is a strong possibility that your relationship with your immediate boss is not good.

I am sure you have seen the way a new boss of a company came in and after a few months began to reorganize the people, transferring some of them to another department, terminated some by offering voluntary separation scheme and promoted some. Why was these drastic actions taken? How do you go about managing your boss?

Whether one like it or not, the boss of a company is under tremendous pressure by the stakeholders to deliver good returns to the investors by making it profitable. In order to do this, he has to make the necessary changes to the manpower such that only those whom he feels can contribute to the success of the company are strategically placed.

The common scenario of a workplace is that whenever a colleague is promoted, his peer who thinks that he should be promoted began to create trouble for this new boss. He creates trouble for the new boss by not obeying his instructions or directives, making his life difficult by making negative remarks about him and the list goes on. It would not be a surprise that the new boss transfer him out of the company or being put in a least significant job portfolio.

It is important to note that the key role of every employee is to support the boss. The boss ultimately has the authority to promote you and with it comes better remuneration. He can also decide to provide you with a portfolio where you can grow and excel in your job if he trusts you enough to do the job.

If you want a change in you professional relationship with your boss and in managing your boss, the change in attitudes are the first step that one need to take. Here are some other steps that you can take in managing your boss.


Polish up your skill in the job that you are supposed to deliver. Get all the necessary training and professional development program that you can get hold of to support your boss. As you develop the necessary competency to do the tasks that your boss assigns to you, you will gain the trust of your boss.

Deliver the task on time and strive to exceed the requirements of the tasks. Once your boss is pleased with your work, he/she will begin to give you more authority and you will be identified as one who is dependable.


Are you loyal to your boss and the organisation that you are working with. People will know whether you are loyal or not by the way you carry yourself among your colleagues and outsider. Do not speak negatively about your boss as these remarks will be used against you by other colleagues.

In work, office politics is inevitable and one must strive to be blameless in the course of carrying out ones job. Loyalty does not mean agreeing with everything the boss said. The basic loyalty is to support the mission of the company and to support the decisions of the management.


If the boss is to choose among all the employees to discuss a certain confidential information with, will he choose you? If you have proven yourself to have the right attitude and deliver all that need to be delivered, you will probably be singled out as one who is trustworthy. A critical project may be given to you to accomplish and once it is successful you willbe rewarded.


As you are the one who is supposed to be the best in the field of your work, it is important that whenever you see your boss, come prepared for the meeting and propose a solution to the problem instead of giving more headache. In this way, your boss will sees you as one who is proactive in seeking solutions instead of just highlighting problems.

Take Challenges

If your boss asks for volunteer to do an assignment that nobody wants to do, it is your opportunity to show your commitment and courage by taking up the challenge. You can be assured that at the end of the assignment, sooner or later your effort will be appreciated by your boss.

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