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Serving the country through Military Jobs

The army, by definition is a permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state. Military organizations around the world are founded by one common and solid goal - to protect, provide and serve with necessary enforcement of their country in support of national security and defense. Soldiers holding various positions and army jobs have very high levels of esprit de corp that creates a sense of belonging among the members and a loyalty to their country.

Military jobs require the person to have trust, teamwork, mutual respect, leadership, professionalism, discipline and honor  You are trained as a soldier not only respond to the possibility of war and treat of national security but also to help the local communities.

Apart from that, you may also be called to provide peace keeping duties and humanitarian aid in the face of natural disasters, political unrest and so on. Army jobs are guaranteed to be challenging and demanding and so is the recruitment of soldiers.

There are a lot of employment opportunities in several different fields that a person can choose from such as the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, Reserve components, the Air and Army National Guard. Those wishing to work in the army can choose to work in combat, apprentice or support. Basically, there are two groups in the militia which are enlisted and officer careers.

Enlisted personnel carry out the fundamental operations of the military in combat, administration, construction, engineering, health care, human services, and other areas. Officers are the leaders of the military, supervising and managing activities in every occupational specialization. 

Positions & Qualifications

Enlisted personnel are for example, Administrator, Ammunition Technician, Chef, Communications Systems Operator, Driver, Information Systems Operator, Movements Operator, Steward, Crewman, Field Engineer, Gunner, Plant Operator and Rifleman whereas Officer positions are Combat specialty officers, Engineering, science, technical officers, Executive, administrative, managerial officers, Health care officers, Human resource development officers, Protective service officers and Transportation officers.

In the military jobs, military personnel work away from home and normally live and work in military bases and facilities around the world where they are assigned and deployed. Some military personnel work on military carriers on the sea. When working in an army job, physical health is an important and necessary asset.

Soldiers and military personnel must be fit, mentally stable and be ever-ready to serve their country in combat missions where it will take them to dangerous zones far away from their homeland.

Physical well being is not only the requirements in the army. Those interested to join should be at the recommended age, have the necessary education qualifications and character requirements.

Educational qualifications vary on the branch of services as well as whether they are officers and enlisted personnel. Officers normally have a college or university degree whereas enlisted personnel do not. Here, the minimum entry requirements to join the military are a high school diploma.

When entering the military force, all recruits must sign a contract and commit themselves to a required term of service. Training for enlisted personnel and officers vary by their occupational specialty as well as standard general training.

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