Nuclear Scientist

Nuclear Scientist

When Sir Isaac Newton first considered gravity, by watching the apple falling from the tree, he may not have realised the implications of his discovery and just how far they would take man in the future. Think: Space Travel.

When Louis Pasteur discovered penicillin, he knew he’d found something important for the development of medicine but he may not realized the extend science would then go to in the development of modern medicine. Think: Vaccinations.

Now think of possibly the greatest Nuclear Scientist of all time, although perhaps he never thought of himself in this light, Albert Einstein. He is possibly the pivotal point in science and research where religion and science made sense. And through his curiosity, brilliance and powerful mind, was able to bring to light many aspects of science that are still in use today. He helped to lay the groundwork that many Nuclear Scientists follow, or attempt to disprove, in today’s modern society.

Nature of Job

In today’s world, the opportunities and avenues one can explore in this type of job are almost overwhelming. However there is a chance to find that lead that interests you the most and be able to work in an environment with your peers and contemporaries to solve some of the world’s greatest mysteries and admittedly, problems.

The key skill of a the scientist is their use of initiative and level of creativity in their work. Since there is often a high degree of specialisation and usually the involvement of high tech equipment, they have the opportunity to indulge the idea of true science, the concept of experimentation.

Most scientists are involved in the development of treatments in the medical industry, although the obvious contradiction in this situation is that the same ingenuity that gave us these medical miracles also brought us the nuclear bomb.

The danger of this field is certainly something to keep in mind, it is no surprise that this kind of scientists are sought over almost as assets in many growing countries. Their expertise in harnessing or generating power, electricity, medical treatments and weapons of war is greatly coveted by many nations. However, the benefits of involvement in these fields can be enormous in terms of the positive impact they can bring.

In finding the solutions to the current effects of Global Warming, we have to rely on the inspiration, experience and brilliance of scientist’s world wide.

Who else but the scientists can analyse and consider the ways in which damage can be limited, and possibly reversed.

What an amazing opportunity too for those individuals who have the necessary aptitude and skills to become involved in such a diverse and creative field of Nuclear Scientist. They would have the opportunity to shape the world in which we live, both physically and psychologically.

This can be done by working either independently or collaboratively with endorsed institutions to help improve the quality of life of people around the world.

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