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As an Optical Dispenser, you play an important role in the way others see the world, literally. It is a complex balance of technical skills as well as good customer service and a sharp attention to detail.

The statistics on people requiring some aids for their vision is scarily high, and it’s increasing. With this comes the need for highly skilled individuals to assist in the testing, assessing, preparing treatments, spectacles and lenses for the majority of the population. 

The task required is not only assessing individuals after their consultation with an optometrist for contacts lenses and glasses but also in improving the quality of life of the people. People who are visually impaired literally see the world in a different way. They missed out on the finer visual details and hence are not able to participate fully in the stimulating and visually demanding world we live in today.

They also have to deal with the effects of the lifestyles of modern living. Patients and customers expose themselves continuously to technology and situations that put immense strain on the eyes. Think about the hours people spend on laptops, office computers, squinting in traffic or even by reading under badly-lighted environment. The good news is that there is the availability of advanced technology and tools in preventing and correcting the visions that arises from this kind of lifestyle.

Nature of Job

Progress is made everyday in the field of optical technology ranging from improved contact lenses, glasses and alternative eyewear to the assessment and processing of patients for laser eye surgery or cataract removals. The first step for a lot of people is to acknowledge that they have a problem and is willing to seek professional assistance. An Optical Dispenser is required to interpret given prescriptions and then apply their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the end product meets the individual needs of the patient and their unique lifestyle.

A growing number of people also seek the advice from a fashion perspective, yes – glasses are considered “hip” by a large percentage of the population. It’s a well known fact that glasses used give the perception of the status of the wearer. The use of glasses as accessories doesn’t stop there, many also assist in selecting and advising on the correct eyewear for outdoor usage. Sunglasses are now a common accessory that are used by the majority of the people.

Whoever select the glasses worn by Audrey Hepburn will certainly know what they were doing! Elton John is another icon who has made eyewear a fashion and his Optical Dispenser certainly has fun in preparing something that is both aesthetic and necessary for this flamboyant star.

For the everyday individual though, this job requires one to spend a lot of time in ensuring the advice and products they prepare are of the highest quality possible.

By interpreting prescriptions issued by optometrists they fulfill a necessary link in the chain to enable individuals to improve their quality of life. The continuous fitment, repair and maintenance of the glasses are expected to be done to maintain a high quality of service.

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