Working in a 
Public Accounting Firm

Most fresh graduates in accounting starts their career in a public accounting firm. This is where one gains experiences in various industries as well as getting involved in various scope of work.

The work scope available to a public accountant includes being a :

  • provider of accounting services
  • external auditor
  • management consultant
  • tax consultant

By working in a public accounting firm, one will be assigned to different job assignments with a wide range of clients who may be governments, corporations, nonprofit organizations or individuals. This may be in areas of providing accounting services, auditing of financial statements, advising clients on tax matters, designing of accounting and data processing systems, reviewing processes and recommending controls.

The different industries that one works on will provide the individual an opportunity to evaluate which industries he or she fits best before deciding to move out from a public accounting firm to a relevant sector. Some, who finds the role of a public accountant challenging and exciting, will proceed to get their CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and eventually work their way up to be a partner of the accounting firm or open up their own public accounting business.

Working with one of the big four accounting firm will no doubt be a preferred choice as it provides a wider range of industries as well as an opportunity for larger scope of work. 

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