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If you are in high school and are about to enter the next stage of your education in obtaining a diploma or bachelor degree, most probably you will be considering whether your family has the means to pay for your three to five years of education. Maybe you have obtained your first degree and are thinking of pursuing a master's degree but find it hard to get the fund.

The rising cost of education worldwide is hampering many good students from pursuing their dreams of obtaining skills and knowledge in your field of interest. Many go hunting for "good bargain" in various universities in the world that offer good degree, master or doctorate program that are affordable.

Pause a while and think. Have you ever consider applying for scholarship, financial aids, grants or student awards? There are many organisations, universities, goverments, and non- governmental organisations which offered many of these aids to deserving students to enable them to pursue their dreams.

However, it is not easy to obtain an award unless one is good in his/her studies, participated in extra curriculum activities, sports activities, community works etc. If you are still in high school, it is still not too late to involve yourself in the various activities without neglecting your studies.

The links below are based on the countries of study that are offering aids to deserving students. Why not give it a try...


Australia Overseas Aid Program 
The Australian Government's overseas aid program aims to increase access to and the quality of education and training for people in partner countries.


Canada - Financial Aids 
Canada's most comprehensive and advanced database with more than 60,000 financial aids, awards, bursaries and grants.

New Zealand 

New Zealand Financial Aid 
The New Zealand Government offers a few types of financial aids to candidates of selected developing countries. 


ASEAN Secondary and Pre-University Scholarships 
These financial aids are offered to ASEAN students who intend to pursue their secondary and pre-university studies in schools and universities in Singapore. 

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