School Superintendent Career

Are you thinking of embarking on a school superintendent career? The work of the superintendent is complex and different from other leadership roles within a district. A school superintendent is a person who oversees the administration and management of a school or educational institution. A school superintendent is also known as the chief school administrator or headmaster/headmistress.

They are responsible in setting the tone of voice and direction of an education institution as well as answering to the board of trustees, administrators, the teachers, parents, the students and the community.

If you are interested in a school superintendent career, you need to know that you are not a member of the school board, but rather a professional who serves as the educational adviser to the board. A school superintendent needs to fulfill several essential criteria before being elected as one. In pursuing a superintendent career, you would need to be an effective communicator, have good managerial skills and be a good listener.

When you land yourself a superintendent job, your typical tasks for the day would include preparing the agenda for every meeting as well as preparing the annual budget for the board of trustee’s consideration.

The superintendent needs to prepare different agendas to meet the needs of different meetings with different groups of people. The annual budget for the school has to be approved by the board and then only can the money be distributed and allocated to meet the specific needs of the school.

Duties And Qualifications

A school superintendent career would need the person to prepare and submit state and federal application and reports. A good knowledge on political science, management, accountancy, finance, psychology and educational laws is essential as the superintendent meets with government and private organizations for the benefit of the school. The superintendent also oversees the appointment and termination of staff and school personnel. 

As a superintendent, you would also need to perform duties such as giving up-to-date information to the board about the needs of the school, programs and operations in the school as well as the yearly event calendar of the school. The bottom line is, the school superintendent is actually a CEO in the education institution.

A person can start off their school superintendent career with a qualified degree in any subject from approved institution. The best of degrees for this field is a Degree in Education, with a major in the sciences or arts. An education degree takes up to 4 or 5 years to complete whereby you will learn instructional design, teaching, curricula development, and educational leadership as well as be exposed to internships at schools where you will resume a position as trainee teacher.

An education degree will prepare its students to apply writing and problem-solving skills for assignments, discussions and debates as well as learn the psychology aspect for teaching and treating students. A good 5 years of teaching experience are also recommended for this post as you would need to know the ropes of school administration and management and how to deal with student and community related problems that effect your school.

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