Speed Reading Technique

Arm yourself with speed reading technique. In recent years, many books and other reading materials have mushroomed such that you are now able to find whatever topics that you are interested in. The advancement of internet technology have enable practically anyone with internet access to access the vast resources available on line. With so many materials and resources available both in the internet and in printed materials, the ability to acquire speed reading technique is becoming more relevant today.

Study showed that the average reader reads an average of 240 words per minute on paper with 60% comprehension. The fast and accomplished reader however is able to read an average of 1000 words per minute with 85% comprehension.

Many of us fall in the average reader category due to our educational training when we started out in school. Study has shown that speed reading technique can be acquired by using the correct methodology of speed reading. As in any other skill, you will have to practice and discipline yourself to push yourself to the limit of speed reading.

Some of the tips that you could use are..


Skimming is reading through the material quickly to get an idea of what it is all about before you start reading. Note the key words that are being written in the article sin order for you to perceive what the content is all about. By having an idea what the material is all about, speed reading comprehension is enhanced.

Peripheral Vision

Instead of reading one word at a time, read the entire chunk of words by using your peripheral vision. Capture as many words as you can as your eyes scanned across the sentences. For a start, this technique may slow down your reading speed but as you continue to practice, you will start to read faster and given time, you will soon be on your way to 1000 words per minute accomplished reader. The clue is practice makes perfect.

Reduce Fixation Time

Reduce the fixation time on a certain words that you are reading. Sometimes one may be tempted to stop at a certain word and think through the meaning of the sentences. Try not to have too many stops when you are doing speed reading.

Reduce Skip Back

There is a tendency for your eyes to go back to the previous words or sentence to double confirm the meaning of the words. Reduce this tendency by using your finger or pointer to run along the line as you read. As you practice, increase the speed of the pointer and you will see yourself reading at a higher speed.

Learning speed reading technique will help to enhance your productivity in your studies and in your work place. You will be surprise how productive you are compared to your other colleagues in getting things done by just sharpening your speed reading skill. Test your reading speed at readingsoft website. 

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