Sports Management Degree

Obtaining a Sports Management Degree

Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry that offers huge employment opportunities in the areas of management, marketing, communications and professional supervisory at all levels of competition. As the bigger the industry gets, the more the awareness on the need to have professional sport managements.

Sport management is the line of work concerning the business relations of sports related to business facets such as marketing, communication, sales and promotion, front office, event management, facility and recreational management. Sports management professionals combine a love for athletics with business and marketing savvy.

In order to manage all these aspects, an individual has to attain a qualified Sports Management Degree in order to operate sports organizations at private, public, government, non-profit and commercial levels.

Internationally recognized degrees in sport management can be obtained from institutions of higher learning that offer these courses such as Illinois State University, Luther College, Nebraska Wesleyan University and University of Houston in America, Durban University of Technology and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Africa and Naval Tata Centre of Excellence in Sports Management in India, just to name a few.

A sports management degree provides the degree holder the capabilities of applying creative communication, public relations, leadership, marketing and managerial skills as well as sports law in several positions in the sports industry A degree in this field instills a deeper understanding of the multi-dimensional importance and the value of sport to the individual.

With a sports management degree, it offers both sports fan as well at the athletes themselves to be involved in their favorite sport at a new level and to prepare them for a variety of managerial positions in the arena of sports.

Hence, even if you can’t play your favorite sport, you can still participate in it through the business side of things and help build interest and recognition for the sport of your choice. Retired athletes can still contribute to their favorite sport through sports management and give valuable input in upgrading that particular sport in which they were once an athlete.

The degree also enables them to apply their knowledge of business, physical education and marketing to any sporting organization at the administrative and managerial level as well as into fitness and rehabilitation facilities, health clubs, sport recreation services and such.

A sport management degree teaches the individual the aspects of program planning and development, business and financial principles, sales and marketing, event management and promotion, public relations, facilities management, legal matters of sports as well as health and safety issues.

The degree holder can look forward to a very rewarding career in sport management which includes front desk workers, public relation managers and information directors, sales manager as well as marketing and communication manager.

Some degree holders opt for continuing their degree with a masters’ or doctorate or by attending law schools to become a sports agent in representing athletes especially in legal issues. Salaries depend on your qualification and experience as well as the teams or athletes that you are involved in. The average salary in the sports management world can reach up to at least $94, 000 annually.

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