Top Paying Jobs Or Career

What are the top paying jobs or career in America? Knowing the expected pay of a job after graduation will help one to makea decision as what career one should pursue on.

Generally in most develop and developing countries, the medical professionals earn the most compared to other jobs. Thestatistics of the top paying jobs in the US with mean annual salary greater than USD 100K is listed below. The statisticsis taken from US Bureau of Labor Statistics "May 2005 National Occupational Employment and Usage Estimates United States."The jobs listed below need at least a basic 4 year degree course.

These are just mean salaries and earnings can vary widely for the same job in different places and industries. A self employed businessman can earn much more than the surgeon if the business he ventures into is successful.

No Job Titles Mean Average Earnings USD
1 Surgeons 177,690
2 Anesthesiologists 174,240
3 Obstetricians and Gynecologists 171,810
4 Orthodontists 163,410
5 Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons 160,660
6 Internists, General 156,550
7 Psychiatrists 146,150
8 Prosthodontists 146,080
9 Family & General Practitioners 140,370
10 Chief Executives 139,810
11 Pediatricians, General 139,230
12 Physicians & Surgeons, all other 138,910
13 Airline Pilots, Copilots, & Flight Engineers 135,040
14 Dentists, General 133,680
15 Dentists, Other Specialists 115,640
16 Podiatrists 111,250
17 Lawyers 110,520
18 Air Traffic Controllers 105,820
19 Engineering Managers 105,470
20 Computers & Information Systems Managers 102,360
21 Marketing Managers 101,990
22 Astronomers 101,360

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