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Are you thinking of tour guide jobs? Do you know your hometown like the back of your hand? Or are you the one who always gets a call from your friends asking for the best food or the best bargain shops in your town? Then you might want to take up the tour guide jobs, and getting paid for it! By being one, you will get a lot of travel benefits for example reduced rates for transportation and lodging.

Though this job sounds easy, but training at vocational school, college or university is increasingly important since you can't possibly be the only one who loves travelling and figuring out the secret places in town!

A tour guide does not have to be someone with major qualifications but it helps to have basic high school certificates for a start. It is also important to have good knowledge of local dialects and English or other languages for example Arabic and different dialects in Chinese because these are the major languages spoken by the tourists.

On top of that, you have to be ready to improve and know how to promote yourself. If you're new to the field, it is better to attach yourself to travel agents to gain experience from other tour guides.

In order to improve your service, try searching for new places and try to have a taste to the latest thing in town. By doing so, your clients will come back or at least introduce you to their friends and family. Remember, little help can take you long way!

Travelling around an unknown places can be time-consuming and tiring. That is why people hire tour guides to help them cover as many places as they can with little time. Best rates and travel packages are usually offered by tour guides too, making the clients feel smart on spending their money.

In general, like travel agents, tour guide jobs include giving advice on destinations and help to make arrangements for different things.

For tour arrangements, try to make different packages to serve different client groups. For example, families with small children might want to skip hiking and want to focus on shopping and visiting historical places. Adventurous groups might want to spend their time exploring the nature alone. Giving plenty of choices is the best bet, make your own personal brochures and advertise it on the internet and newspapers.

According to a source, in years to come people will reduce their visit to travel agents and make plans on their own by browsing the internet. However, this will not affect the necessity to use tour guides. Therefore, one can be more successful if they have more determination to work harder.

Being a tour guide will give you a business opportunity or at least an opportunity to expand your soft skills. You will learn to accomodate people to their needs and communicate well. In terms of business, you can be a travel agent and continue to cater a lot more people in many aspects of their holiday plans too.

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